Google Earth 5.0 : with an ocean

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Today Google earth launched it's another version Google Earth 5.0 with an ocean. Now it seems logical that Earth has ocean so do Google Earth. Actually Google earth had ocean but it was limited to surface view only. In this version we can fly under the sea water.
With ocean in Google Earth, you can:
    Dive beneath the surface and visit the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench
   Explore the ocean with top marine experts including National Geographic and BBC
     Learn about ocean observations, climate change, and endangered species
     Discover new places including surf, dive, and travel hot spots and shipwrecks
Google Earth 5.0 also adds some more features like
Historical Imagery: here we can now move back and forth in time to reveal imagery from years and even decades past, revealing changes over time.
Touring: we can create an easily share, narrated, fly-through tour just by clicking the record button and navigating through your tour destinations.
3D Mars: we can access a 3D map of the Red Planet featuring the latest high-resolution imagery, 3D terrain, and annotations showing landing sites and lots of other interesting features.
Download Google Earth 5.0 here

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Akon said...

Such a nice post.Keep bloging.

indiaprab said...

thanks akon


Nice post prabhu. And thank you for your comment on and that mail help. Keep in touch buddy

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