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Are you lost? or new in the city? Mozilla can help you.
    Mozilla is working on adding a new addon for Firefox which can tell you not your current location but also information about places near you.
    For this all you have to do is install Geode a Firefox addon (currently in experimental phase).
    Geode supports W3C Geolocation Specification, by which websites like Yahoo! Fire Eagle can request your location if and only if you grant the access. You can provide how much information you want to provide that site like Exact Location, Your Neighborhood , Your City, or Nothing at all. Geode uses Spyhook's Loki Technology to find out your location by mapping WiFi in your area to your location. And then Website can provide you the information about your location and cafes and resaturants around you.
    Mozilla also considering to add Geode in next releases of Firefox 3.1 and Alpha of Funnec browser for mobiles.
Mozilla is not the only one ithis race but Google with it's Google Gears features similar location awreness functionality for websites.
You can tets Gode here and here. But it requires Geode installed and WiFi.

Comments 5 comments
Angie Atkinson said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait, I'm loving Mozilla!

@_raj said...

thats great news ! google and mozilla have definitely given technology a new face. both are doing their best at bringing innovation and making internet a much better place.

indiaprab said...

ya you are very right
google and mozilla contributed lot in developing and making as better place and these people are trying make it even better
thanx for comment

Laura Barat said...

Wow, I never knew that. Thanks for the info!

julian said...

i using firefox great browser and a lot of addon been using it for 4 years

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