chrome for mac and linux

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It's confirmed -
Chrome for Mac and Linux is in development phase and sevelopers are working hard to make it as soon as possible. And Chrome for Mac and Linux will be more stable, fast than Chrome for Windows. Mac and Linux Chrome is completely rewritten.

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Rizwan said...

you have a great blog ..
have a look on mine too

indiaprab said...

thanx for the comment
and i am glad that you liked it

Sky said...

hey thats nice.

but still Chrome for windows is not htat stable. also i have heard that it is having some security leaks. lets c how google get rid of this.

Champagne Wishes said...

Thanks for visiting, If Wishes Came True, I have Google Chrome and the commenter is right-it's not stable. The look is wonderful, but Chrome still has issues to work out :)

-Champagne Wishes

WorldmedTourism said...

I wait Google Chrome for long time

Evan Johnson said...

Looks like a good browser, I have yet to try it but I've seen it in action.

Looking at my analytics I've gotten some hits from people surfing with Chrome.

vijayanths said...

it is a great technical blog. keep the good work,thanks.will you follow my blogs now?

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